Video / Cinema Equipment You can count on us, to compete in today's high-pressure broadcast industry, the ability to keep your facility running seamlessly is more important than ever. You cannot afford to have any interruptions. Therefore, a single- source partner whom you already trust for cutting-edge production equipment can help you integrate new technologies & service solutions with your existing systems. Decibel delivers award-winning products that span different categories: professional displays (including plasma and LCD), professional HD video Recorders. Engineered for the real world, to maximize collaboration, nformation-sharing and decision- support solutions for customers ranging from government, education and healthcare to hospitality, media/ production and a wide variety of commercial enterprises. Pro  Video Hardwares cover the range fromL Monitors / Switchers / Video Mixers / Digital Video Recorders (DVR) / Hard Disk Video Recorders (HDVR) / Cranes / Reals Etc. Decibel Provides user-friendly Tripods, Pedestal Systems, Jib Arm, Track, Zoom Arms and Controllers and many other accessories for Proffessionals Decibel offer comprehensive consulting in architectural acoustics, mechanical  noise and vibration control, and audio/video systems design for  education and performance facilities, churches, recording and broadcast studios, and many other acoustically sensitive environments.  Links Contact Us      Projects       Videos      News   Previous Works        Home