Speaker Decibel is the leading distributor of Professional Audio Equipment in the Middle East and Africa. At Decibel you will find a selection of sound systems that we consider being ideal for all kind of applications. Find here all the newest equipment designed for the broadcast & Professional Audio industry. Conferences & Corporate Seminars, Computer-based and video presentations, Company celebration, cocktail receptions & parties Exhibition Presentations & revenue, Promotions & advertising campaigns, Outdoor Events, DJ services, Music groups Etc. These systems are designed to be easy to use and simple to set up and pack away. Compact 2-way cabinet with extremely brilliant and clear sound quality. High power handling capacity, high efficiency, optimal throw, smooth frequency response and optimal off-axis response. The design of the ARQ series is based on installer feedback, taking into account what do they consider important in a medium power installation loudspeaker made for fixed installations. Active Speaker with processing Bang & Olufson Amp with DSP presets Engineered in the Netherlands Neutrik Powerkon In + Out Build in Active Crossover with low pass output Configurable dynamics by RS-485 interface 15/1.5" Active 2-way d'Appolito Speaker System 16 presets directly available 6 Metal Handgrips Floor monitor for pure sound quality with low feedback tendency. High power handling capacity (350 Watt), high efficiency, optimal throw, smooth freq. response & optimal off-axis response. Compact 15" horn loaded subwoofer designed for a very high efficiency and still deep bass response until 38 Hz. Ideal for building or extending actively channelled PA systems. Very high power handling capacity of 600 Watt RMS. Special 15" transducer with a 4" voice coil and a long cone excursion for minimal distortion at full power. 2 x 25W - This set contains 2 pcs, 1 active/1 passive. One built-in amplifier for both speakers, Light weight, Brackets included, Scratch resistant housing, Easy to clean. 10/1, 2-way vented PA Wedge Monitor Speaker System / High Power handling / Zero phase shift due to coaxial speaker / Strong 'Tour-proof' Grill / Uniform sound distribution Speakers 1 x 12" + 1.75" HF Driver 250W 8 Ohm Integrated rigging strips High-Performance short throw cabinet Suitable as stage monitor due to asymmetric housing  Links Contact Us      Projects       Videos      News   Previous Works        Home      Garden Speakers, 100V line transformer, Colour and shape ideal for Gardening installations.