Ask the Experts for these services: Professional audio maintenance schedules acoustical consulting services Musical nstruments Courses Professional audio recording, editing, production, post-production, and engineering services for all your voice-over, dubbing, captioning or interactive components. With professional voice talent, scriptwriters, and audio engineers at the ready, we have the resources, personnel and expertise to professionally write, record, produce, edit, and mix your audio content. A variety of acoustical consulting services for individuals, municipalities, and corporations, including: Noise & Vibration Measurement Services. Consumer Audio & Home Theater Services. Services for OEM's, Businesses and Professionals. Offering a range of off the shelf and custom made maintenance schedules, we can meet any maintenance requirements, helping to keep your equipment in tip top shape. Offering over a 6 or 12 monthly cycle, we can perform a standard maintenance service including removal of all equipment, disassembly, full clean out, full health check, lubrication where necessary, replacement of warn pots, fans, full re-installations check andadjustment if required. In addition a detailed report of work carried out and advisory notices will be supplied on completion. The best teachers in Egypt, to create an environment appropriate for learning the instrument of your choice. Although the instrument course can be taken alone. Choose between; Keyboard, Violin, Oud, Guitar, Drums, Nay, Piano, Music Theory, Etc.  Links Contact Us      Projects       Videos      News   Previous Works        Home