Vocal Dynamic Microphone for professional vocal use. with steel mesh grill is roadproof and therefore, is suitable for live performance, outdoor/indoor singing, speech and studio recording. Condenser Lavalier Microphone Uni-direction for high-quality voice pick-up. Wide dynamic range and frequency response for high quality sound. Small size for minimum visibility. Together with clothing clip for easy attaching to a tie, lapel, dress etc. Large membrane Condenser Microphone with large diaphragm condenser microphone for recording purposes. But it can also be used for live sound amplification in not so rough situations like acoustic ensembles or orchestras. Vocal Condeser Microphone A cardioid Condeser microphone for professional vocal use. suitable for live performance, singing, speech and studio recording. UHF / VHF True diversity wireless system Microphones / Headphones Decibel is the leading distributor of Professional Audio Equipment in the Middle East and Africa. At Decibel you will find a selection of sound systems that we consider being ideal for all kind of applications. Find here all the newest equipment designed for the broadcast & Professional Audio industry. Conferences & Corporate Seminars, Computer-based and video presentations, Company celebration, cocktail receptions & parties Exhibition Presentations & revenue, Promotions & advertising campaigns, Outdoor Events, DJ services, Music groups Etc. These systems are designed to be easy to use and simple to set up and pack away. Female XLR Cable Single Sided Headset - 400 ohm Dynamic Micr 200 ohm With For ASL, Clearcom & Tecpro Beltpacks. Closed back, diffuse-field headphones featuring bass reflex technology for improved bass response and clinically accurate high and mid-range reproduction. 30-Person System with Voice Activation Digital Conference System The Stationary 3-Channel FM Transmitter can be used for assistive listening in a variety of venues.  Links Contact Us      Projects       Videos      News   Previous Works        Home