Lare Frame of the most comprehensive line of projection screens in the world. Today, we offer our widest selection ever of proprietary projection screen fabrics & materials in history. Foldable / Motorized / Stand. From  Stackable Lectern, Tabletop Lectern Application, Auditorium, Business, Classroom Home Theater, Portable Whether you need a video projector for a classroom, a portable digital LCD projector  for a business trip, or a high performance digital projector for a conference, you can rely  on us for the right equipment. If you need an extremely bright, light-weight, small digital projector take a look at the latest Plus projectors  utilizing the Digital Light Processing Technology™ . Video Presentor  / Smart Boards builds on the SXGA reputation of its predecessor, sporting a faster frame rate, a new high-speed autofocus zoom lens, digital rotation, image storage, annotation & more sets the new standard for high-resolution presentations. Complete portable PA system Includes wireless microphone. Carry from classroom to conference room to auditorium. Audio Visuals A wide range of Electronic Products are being developed to cover the filed of Audio and Video Connectivity. Video Controllers / Switchers  Links Contact Us      Projects       Videos      News   Previous Works        Home